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Exposure Be Oscar de la Renta It is unique and pioneer in the Dominican Republic, a complete radiography of one of the greatest designers of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century, expressed in 5 space moments. In this production, more than fifty testimonies of close personalities and relatives of the Dominican designer account for various aspects of his life and work.

Like each exhibition project of the León Center, it is accompanied by a pedagogical proposal. This is called Meet Oscar de la Renta, which aims to present the life and work of the designer, showing the dimensions that make up his person, promoting an approach to Dominican identities that defined his career and motivates spaces for reflection in terms of creative processes; with educational, recreational and integral activities and dynamics. This, in line with the spatial moments of the exhibition proposal Be Oscar de la Renta.

What's this about?

Meet Oscar de la Renta It is consistent with the competences proposed by the curriculum and is totally relatable to what happens in the classroom. It has generated educational materials for families, children, teachers and visitors in general. The exhibition opened to the public on November 22 at the León Center and develops various carefully structured educational programs with activities focused on learning, creating and enjoying.

The idea is to complement the exhibition experience, with activities designed to live it, feel your heart and soul, guard our senses. Experience the content in its entirety, but in a conscious, alert way, giving affective meanings to the moments and spaces, which trigger lasting memories and revealing connections.

Educational visits
Educational visits
Educational visits

And how is the startup?

In a broad sense, we could divide the proposal into an observant and reflective part and a practical / creative part.

In order to obtain the stated objectives and the promotion of the development of these competences proposed in the Dominican curriculum, the following has been built instrumentation:

  • General visiting guide.
  • Family guide
  • Teachers guide.
  • 5 Activity cards, for each space moment.
  • A crossword puzzle and a soup of letters where to apply the knowledge of the fashion world.
  • 2 thematic visits for school audiences of all levels of education:
  1. Fashion and who we are: special visit to connect the exhibition, Be Oscar de la Renta with the permanent exhibitions of the León Center, identifying themes such as migrations, cultures, identities, costumes, times, among others.
  2. El mood board CI make my first collection: practical visit that mobilizes creativity, in which the participant can conceive the mood board as a work tool for the creative organization of ideas within a visual project.

The pedagogical proposal also includes the creation of the following programs:

  1. children's workshops where the idea is to play and dream of being designers in a stimulating and flattering space. 
  1. Small designers, the new module for LAB Workshops, which is a pragmatic and doing proposal, in which the child will learn about the world of fashion. He will dye textiles, create fashion illustrations, learn how to make a figurine, patterns, accessories, use textures and colors by combining and mixing them. 
  1. Courses and workshops and proposals for cultural animation.

It is the proposal for adults. We have created a complete plan of courses and workshops that maintain our axes of creativity, habitability, identity.

  1. Media Library Program

A complete and dynamic archive that has videos, magazines, catalogs, publications around the exhibition. We also have a textbook to have a sensory and informative experience of textiles that are used in the fashion world such as cotton, linen, among others. There are also the armables, which will allow the little ones to play with the exposed designs.

A mural of productions and evidence of the activities carried out in space has also been placed.

Educational visits
Educational visits
Educational visits

Educational point:

This space has the instrumentation and programs according to the public and their needs. The optimal structures and materials have been planned to develop each objective: assemblies of different types, buttons, fabric samples, fashion magazines, patterns, mannequins of multiple sizes, cut-out figures, strips, fabrics of various textures and miscellaneous, scissors, pencils, coals, brushes, and some fashion books.

Do you encourage yourself to Meet Oscar de la Renta?