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Oscar Renta Fiallo is Oscar de la Renta

Santo Domingo has a leading presence in the life of Oscar de la Renta. In a candid conversation with Hugo Tolentino, his great friend, about the characteristics of Santo Domingo in the 1940s and 1950s, commented that this city was literally a park. A city that walked from end to end, and in which it was barely felt as time passed.

Oscar lived his childhood and early youth in a place where they were all neighbors. In this space the ideas of familiarity and roots are consolidated, very present in the first environment of the artist.

The primary culture of Oscar de la Renta, understood as its context of origin and initial development, is the axis of reference that structures, gives unity and dynamism to the rest of its dimensions. It is the basis for the consolidation of your references, work systems and creative production sources.

His trajectory forks towards Europe since the beginning of the decade of the fifties and sixties of the last century, which welcomes him and nourishes his already wide cultural endorsement. The impact of this first migration of the designer on the composition of his new referents and, therefore, of his new identity sources, also affects his wide perception of the space of belonging.

When considering a correspondence between the public and the private person, the importance of the training contexts in the construction of the creative identity of the designer is also established. Here we approach the roots of the human being and investigate the aspects that influenced him, his own evolution and context: a necessary turn towards the beginning of his professional history.