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Oscar is transnational

In 1969, Oscar de la Renta acquires US citizenship. A year earlier, in 1968, he opened his first store in the city of Santo Domingo. Moving and assimilating another citizenship while remaining linked to their original community, made it a paradigm of the transnational migrant subject. He could converge differences in complements, combining the different places to which he belonged or could only have happened. Anna Wintour, referring to this ease of adaptation, commented that "Oscar felt at home wherever he was."

There are aspects that function as catalysts for the designer's relationship with the sites he inhabits: one of these refers to the structuring of social fields representative of the place of reception and the other to its recognition as part of said social construction. Thus, New York functions as a city that catalyzes its potential and expands its range of action. Emphasize this link his participation in the Battle of Versailles in 1973 as an American designer and the predilection of many first American ladies for their designs.

Since his arrival, Oscar's relationship with New York was crucial. In that city he generated some of his greatest friendships and many of his professional partners. New Yorkers also welcomed him with great affection, so much so that Oscar was gradually becoming an indispensable figure in the social landscape of the great city.

Oscar was always recognized as Dominican and also as an American designer. The Caribbean was its foundational base, Europe its structural pillar and New York the place where professional walls were planted and expanded. Oscar was never in a position of bipolarity in territorial terms, but was a citizen of the world, establishing bridges and feeding the world regionally and regionally to the world.