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Oscar Celebrated

A being consecrated and celebrated by the world

An initial approach to the figure of the designer reviews the notion of the public and approaches the Oscar de la Renta that may have been previously known by the mass media. Oscar was undoubtedly famous. And in its most common meaning, fame can be understood as protagonism, charisma, prestige and popularity. But what did that fame really correspond to? Was there a particular superlative element that explained its notoriety? Or maybe it was the sum of everything that synthesized him as a human being?

The reception of his work and popularity in the media is evidenced in the paradigmatic costumes worn by personalities in very mediated moments such as the galas of the Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute, red carpets and magazine coverage.

Always a media favorite, Oscar de la Renta had a notorious and constant presence in international publications specializing in fashion. Louis Winebaum, in Womens wear daily, pointed out in 1971 that this relationship was mainly due to Oscar's entire and direct attitude to the media. Authenticity in relation to their work processes, sources of inspiration and tastes contributed to this impact, which in general was positive.