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In the workshop everything is inspiration

From the first moment he enters it, the name Oscar de la Renta is installed in the world fashion scene. The workshop is the place where the creative identity of the designer is consolidated, and from there, the importance of the processes and the recognition of the ways in which the creative work travels is raised. The objects and documents arranged therein have different performances: illustrate the designer's workshop, narrate a work process and strengthen the idea of ​​the close link between the cultural, emotional or social sources of inspiration and the creative processes that make them visible.

Also, and referring to the contextual, emphasis is placed on three geographically determined axes that have a definite impact on Oscar's languages: the Caribbean Sea, Europe and New York. Through these coordinates a system of relationships is generated that are linked to changing rooms, accessories, textiles and other elements. In an assertion that combines these references, Diane von Fürstenberg said that Oscar de la Renta "has the sound of Latin America, the know-how of Europe and the way to get the most out of it in the United States."

Here is a mirror, a fundamental element of Oscar's workspace. And a timeline that collects the influences, materials, colors and trends of its collections from 1965 to 2015. This journey raises reflections such as: What does the design process imply? What is it designed for? What skills or abilities come into play when designing? How does design articulate notions of identity, culture, being and ways of life?