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Oscar celebrated

An initial approach to the figure of the designer reviews the notion of the public and approaches the Oscar de la Renta that may have been previously known by the mass media. Oscar was undoubtedly famous. And in its most common meaning, fame can be understood as protagonism, charisma, prestige and popularity.

Oscar Renta Fiallo
it's Oscar de la Renta 

Santo Domingo has a leading presence in the life of Oscar de la Renta. In a candid conversation with Hugo Tolentino, his great friend, about the characteristics of Santo Domingo in the 1940s and 1950s, commented that this city was literally a park. A city that walked from end to end, and in which it was barely felt as time passed.

In the workshop everything is inspiration

From the first moment he enters it, the name Oscar de la Renta is installed in the world fashion scene. The workshop is the place where the creative identity of the designer is consolidated, and from there, the importance of the processes and the recognition of the ways in which the creative work travels is raised.

I'm just an island boy:
Oscar is transnational

In 1969, Oscar de la Renta acquires US citizenship. A year earlier, in 1968, he opened his first store in the city of Santo Domingo. Moving and assimilating another citizenship while remaining linked to their original community, made it a paradigm of the transnational migrant subject.

Essences of a legacy:
Be Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta was a sower. He has always felt a special attraction for cultivation in all dimensions of the concept. He grew orange groves, gardens and made friendships that were like him: unconditional. He developed human relationships at all possible levels. He planted a philanthropy scheme that today is an incomparable paradigm.